We Buy Precious Metal

It’s quick and easy to sell your precious metal scrap like gold, platinum, silver and palladium. Simply request a G2P Pack from Gold2Pounds. Place your precious metal scrap in the insured freepost envelope and send it to us for valuation. We pay cash for precious metals. We pay top prices for precious metals and you can get quick cash the same day we receive your precious metal scrap.

When it comes to precious metals the London market is by far the largest global centre for buyers and sellers of precious metal. Gold2Pounds operates an environmentally friendly precious metal refining service in Hatton Garden, London’s jewellery quarter.

Operating at the centre of the world’s busiest precious metals market gives us access to highly skilled refining and precious metal recovery tradesmen. We recover all the precious metal from your old jewelry, coins or any precious metal scrap. This allows us to offer you the best prices for precious metal scrap.

For immediate service call us today at 020 3848 7616 or complete the G2P Pack request form at the right on this web page. Gold2Pounds send you everything you need to get the most cash for old or unwanted precious metal jewellery.

What We Don't Buy

We do not accept costume (fake) jewellery that does not contain precious metals or any gold or silver plated items.

Gold Plated items that may be hallmarked “1/20” or other fractions of a certain karat weight, or with G.F. or G.P. all indicating gold plating. Rolled gold or any gold plated items have extremely small amounts of gold and therefore are not purchased.

Silver Plated items that may be hallmarked E.P.N.S. or with other similar E.P. marks indicating that it is electroplated silver over other non-precious metals. The amount of silver present is extremely small on these items.

Let's get down to business!

Gold2Pounds will offer you a fantastic competitive payment. Or We’ll send your jewellery back straightaway at our expense.