“A very simple professional experieence for me. The contact (alex) was very supportive. A good price for my old gold and inline with my expectations”

Gemma Todd, Halstead

“Times were very hard as my husband had recently had a heart attack, so I went online, found out all my old gold/ silver jewellery, some of it broken, within 3 days I had sent it back and received a cheque. “

Susan Wills, Dorset

“Posted my items on the tuesday, got a text on the wednesday with my offer. I accepted and on the tursday I received my cheque what a brilliant, smooth service would definitely use again. Thank you”

Diane Ewen, Aberdeen

“Return bag received next day. Offer phoned next day accepted offer was most satisfactery. Cheque received 24 hours from time of acceptance. Where would you get it???”

Jean Smartt, Co Antrim

“Excellent, fast service, from enquiring for info, through to receiving your very welcome cheuqe. Price was better than expected. Would have no hesitation in recommending yout service.”

Evelyn Marsden, Dunfermline

“Good and fast. Good price for my silver. Staff polite”

Kim Savage , Tottenham

“I would like to thank Gold2Pounds for their prompt service and efficiency in turning my gold into cash. Having spoken to a representative re my cash offer I was pleased to have received the best price and my cheque 24 hrs in the post. “

Mrs. Lynn Jones , Belfast

“Quick/ polite/ no hassel/ easy to post everything you need/ just go to post office/ sheet to fill out so they know what they are receiving/ and you can take a copy so you know as/ total time from posting to receiving cheque 3 days “

Deborah Stewart, East Sussex

“The process was simple and straightforward. Efficient packaging arrived promptly and, after posting the items, I received an acceptable quote within 48 hours and a cheque shortlt after. Many thanks”

E. Barnaby, Cheltenham

“Fantastic- you do exactly what you say you will do. Thank you. “

L Robinson, London

“I dealt with a competitor company a few months ago. They were slow to give a valuation and slow to pay. I grew tired of chasing them. Bad experience. This time my dentist told me my old dental gold was ‘worthless.’ Gold2Pounds disagreed. Within two hours of receiving my free special delivery envelope Gold2Pounds emailed with an offer £21.56. I accepted by return email and received the cheque the next morning. Forget the others. Go straight to Gold2Pounds for top price and fast payment.”

Jason Bull , Brighton

“A very efficient service. Found it convenient to sell some old gold inlays. Deespite timings being close to christmas, service was super.”

A Day, Fleet

“Using your service for the second time now, having been very impressed with the speed and efficiency of your service not to mention how convenient you make the process for your customers. Excellent experience. Thank you.”

Clare Miller, Middlesex

“I have just received your cheque this morning and I would like to say a big thank you for the excellent price given and the fast service provided. Thank you.”

Robert Gothard, Garnforth

“A service that’s second to none we will be using your service again and again and recommonding you to our friends.”

P J Taylor, Cleveland

“Good price offered & quick payment. Highly recommended – thanks “

Anothony J. Allen , Cleethorpes

“This is our first expereince of turning gold into cash and I have been very impressed by your fast efficient service. Gold posted thursday. Offer on friday. Cheque on saturday.”

Beryl Smyth, North Yorkshire

“I have sent items several times and have been very happy with the amounts received. “

Lynne Miall, Bournemouth

“I was impressed with the speed ease and efficiency of your service and with the proce paid for my chain, necklace and earrings. I could not believe how fast things got done. I will be using you again in the future. – Zebra. M (birmingham)”

Zeba Mehnaz, Birmingham

“Excellent. All round service, very very efficient and quick. Couldn’t fault anything about your company – simply the best – sums it up well.”

Kim Gillespie, Derbyshire

“1st class service- couldn’t have been easier. Very fast response.”

Zoe Elsegood, Cambs

“Gold 2 pounds were no doubt the perfect choice to send my unwanted gold to! They were very fast, and reliable. Would reccomend to all as you wont be disapointed!”

Faith Browne, Birmingham

“I’m very impressed by the service Gold2Pounds offers, I applied for the relevent envelope one day, they were here the next, posted my gold after the weekend and received a text message offering me a cash amount the very next day, of which I gladly accepted. Never have I came across such an easy, quick and effecient company, many thanks for the hassle free experience!”

Angela Heath, Essex

“Fast action and attention in quoting valuation. The company re-negotiated a satisfactory generous offer. Would recommend for anyone to compare with other offers, fast payment made. “

Mike Bell, Glasgow

“The price I was paid was more than I expected. The service was excellent and payment by cheque amazingly prompt. “

Stephen James Harris, Chesterfield

“Excellent, prompt & polite service- I would recommend to friends “

Mrs. A Cater – Hounslow, Northamptonshire

“The service I received was excellent, a very prompt and efficient response to my mailing equally prompt receipt of the cheque you sent for the item I decided to send to you for its cash value. “

Brian Phelan, Hounslow

“I was much surprised to see enough amount cause unwanted things I would like to through it away but when I have sent to Gold2Pounds. I got enough money – in fast way. Thanks Gold2Pounds”

Asif Muhammad, Bistol

“Fast and efficient would recommend.”

Hesam M, London

“Gold2Pounds transformed my unwanted gold from eyesore’s to readies in the blink of an eye. The whole transcation was very quick, I had my money within 5 days. Thanks! “

Emmaline Hurren, Chard

“Highly delighted, no fuss trustly system. Would like to thank you all for for result, friendly and very helpful. Please may I have another bag for silver? With many many thanks again, happy happy customer. V.E. Dicken.”

Mrs. Valerir Elizabeth Dicken, Kent

“Excellent and prompt service. Appreciate the quick valuation and immediate payment. It would be my pleasure to highly recommend gold 2 pounds.”

Tanjir Shagar, London

“I was very satisfied with Gold2Pounds the receiving of the package was very quick and everything else I also got a great value for all the items I sent in. It was a very good experience and I recommend to all.”

Debbie Sylvester, Cardiff

“Simple,fast,efficient. Thank you.”

Josephina Evans, Colchester

“Simple and quick with great results for gold just sitting in a drawer.”

Tracey Lindsay, Essex

“Couldn’t have been more straightforward. A highly efficient service. Goods sent day one, offer by text day 2, cheque day3. Very impressed.”

Amanada D.irving Brown, Manchester

“Easy, we were very happy using Gold2Pounds”

Elema Tuolou, Essex

“I had odd earings, old ones that I didn’t wear anymore. A bracelet and other old items of jewellery. I gathered them all up, thinking they were not worth very much. The service was unbelievable and so efficient. Within 24hours I had a valuation and another 24 hours I had the cheque £131.35. Amazing. Thank you Gold2Pounds.”

Sheila Brown, Middlesbrough

“Very easy just sent old earrings and broken chains very quick and easy. “

Elizabeth Jones, London

“I was delighted with your sevice and received my cheque very quickly. I would certainly have no hesitation in using Gold2Pounds in the future and recommending to family and friends thank you.”

Rosemary French, Glasgow

“Fantastic service! Oredered envelope received it the next day. Sent envelope back received offer the next day. Accepted offer received cheque the next day. In 4 days transaction was complete – will recommend “

Amanda Hodkinson, Nottingham

“Thank you on the professional service you have provided.”

Stanley Hill (rr),

“Prompt response, reasonable cash return, time well spent sorting out old jewellery box.”

Mrs G M Staples, Dorset

“I can highly recommend Gold2Pounds. They are very prompt, after sending in my gold they were that prompt I was still away on holiday, but as soon as I got in touch with them they sent me my money the next day. Didn’t expect so much for so little. Great.”

Sonia Allen, Chesterfield

“Just wanted to say say thank you for my cheque and a smooth transaction. Would recommend you. “

Jenny Coppin,

“I am delighted, you contacted me the following day from sending items with the price which for old discoloured and broken jewelley I thought it was great. And when I accepted I received the cheque the following day. Great service. You will be recommended.”

Margaret Simons, Watford

“An amazingly fast and secure service. I sent my jewellery off on friday pm and received my cheque tuesday am. Receiving an e-mail valuation gives you time to consider the offer which I decided was a more than fair one. Better the cash than jewellery sitting in a drawer unused.”

Mr D Borrey (rr), Saunderton

“Wow. I was amazed that your company lived up to all your advertising. Not only did I receive £161 for what I thought was only a small amount of broken gold and silver but also the speed in which you dealt with me (3 days from me requesting the envelope till receiving the cheque) I will 100% recommend you to all my family and friends. Thank you.”

Mrs I Mcdougall, Glasgow

“Service excellent, swift and curtious. Thank you.”

Peter Hopkins, Cardiff

“Very quick and efficient no need to do anything except post the letter. It was just lying in a draw and now its money to spend on what I want.”

Faye Wilson, Rotherham

“Just to thank you very much for your quick and efficient service. I have received my cheque today many thanks”

Shirley Cockbill,

“Fantastic. Thank you”

Tim Ashton, Croydon

“Dissapointed the offer wasn’t higher as since told my pack was indeed worth more and should not have accepted first offer. But other then that it was a quick and easy service to use.”

Michelle Rielly, Windsor

“Had a great experience very quick from start to finish. Before I could blink my cheque was in my hands. They don’t mess you around defo worth a go.”

Peter Baxter, Carlisle

“It was a pleasant surprise to get the value for what I considered was not worth a lot, I shall use this company again. I’ve already mentioned to friends of how effective you were. Much thanks. Merry xmas to you all. “

Glyn Stawley, West Bromwich

“Excellent, had unwanted broken gold and simply sent by post and cheque arrived two days later with an excellent amount. Would recommend to anyone. “

Tracey Lindsay, Basildon

“Very straightforward fast efficient service. Received my cheque within just a few days. Thank you. “

Carol Fraser, Buckie

“A magical experience king midas in reverse. Gold and silver clutter converted to pounds sterling alsmost as instant as using a cash machine. As promised payment was processed the same day. “

John Mcquay, Edgbaston

“The experiecne was excellent-quick and easy! I was very impressed by Gold2Pounds contacting me to see if I had received my prepaid parcel. Would recommned to anyone. Great result – thank you!”

Scott Hastings, Stockton-on-tees

“Great service, really fast service will recommend you to all my friends and family. Big big thank you. “

Gordon Wrench, Warrington

“This experience was brilliant and done in super quick time. I got my cheque in double quick time. I will be using Gold2Pounds again. Thank you”

Maria Szpak, Enfield

“I believe the goods I sent should have been worth more, 10g yellow gold chain and one unused half sovereign coin. As an independent retail jeweller of 30 years I feel unable to recommend your service to my customers-the reason for my parcel.”

Elaine Campbell, Glasgow

“The service was very prompt and efficient. Within 24 hours I received my cheque- a very excellent price for my old gold. All the staff were polite and very helpful-i will certainly use g2p in the future. “

John Cleary, Fareham

“Wow! Amazing!Heard from friend it was great, but so easy..Going to hunt to see if I can find some more unwanted gold at home! Will use you again!”

Liz Bushell, Banstead

“Very quick prompt service”

Miss P Hancock, Banbury

“Excellent, fair and quick”

Mrs A Sinnot, York

“My experience with Gold2Pounds was absolutely trouble free and convenient. Everything it had promised in the advert. The service was fast couteous and profitable for me. Very happy with the valuation and servie provided. “

Teresa Light, Plymouth

“The whole transaction took 4 weeks to sort out. As a customer I was so worried so the post office gave advice on how to track the prepaid envelope I sent to you. Not really happy with the service so would not recommend you as a company. “

S A Draper, Southport

“I think it was a brilliant exprerience because it was quick and easy and a good pay out for my necklace. Thanks”

Sam Colombari, Hornsea

“I know there are several companys out there changing gold into cash but Gold2Pounds stands out from the rest because they give you the best price as of the time they receive it, I recommend Gold2Pounds to anyone.”

Abi Adebayo, Peterborough

“I had a pile of unwanted jewellery, I sent it off to Gold2Pounds and they gave me a cheque for it. Fantastic! Thank you for helping me. Gold2Pounds really made everything very easy for me.”

Carmen V Gorham, Kent

“Great offer, super speedy could not ask for more. Thank you.”

Nikki Wilton, Dorset

“Dissapointed by first valuation, however was followed by a reasonable valuation which was accepted”

Agnes Coyle, Glasgow

“Very efficient service”

Chris Brown, Manchester

“You don’t come across many super efficient services in this day and age, but Gold2Pounds is first class. To receive that amount of money for bits of old gold that has been lying in the bottom of a draw for years is just fantastic. Welldone! “

Penny Bastin, Essex

“Excellent service. Very impressed would recommend you. Thank you”

Lynne Whithead, Mirfield

“It was an easy postage and quick reply. I received an amount that I thought would have been more but was less. Gold2Pounds is a good experience if you need money.”

Gurpage Singh, Manchester

“I found the whole process to be most efficient and friendly. What was promised happened. On receipt of items we got a next day response, with a cash offer that exceeded my expectations and then a cheque within a few days. I would certainly recommend Gold2Pounds with absolute confidence. “

John Cleary, Fareham

“I had a good experience with Gold2Pounds – read it in the paper a couple of days later posted the pack – then got my money. Ha it was great thank you.”


“Wow!! Extremely pleased with your service. Cheque received within 4 days of requesting the pack. You did exactly what you promised.”

Josie Rowell, Leeds

“This is the first time I have done something like this through the post. Thought Gold2Pounds are very proffesional and have a very fast service, free postage and a freephone number plus they payout very quickly. Would recommend and use again.”

Stephen Stringfellow, Southampton

“Disappointed after your adverts telling of how much gold is worth!! Accepted, as too much trouble to go start again with someone else – maybe this is what you hope for. Please use this for testimonial, then other oaps will think twice.”

B Hall, Alresford

“Very quick, had package sent offer made and received cheque in 10 days all togther, over 2 weekends!! Very easy to follow instructions and offered more then expected.”

Barnes, Bristol

“The service is brilliant so quick and easy it is just like the advert on tv also staff very friendly. I would advise for other people to send there gold in.”

Helen Joynson, Manchester

“This service was 1st class”

J E Cooper, Rhyl

“Very happy with the way you handled my jewellery. “

J Holpin, Cornwall

“Gold2Pounds are the best. I was so worried about being ripped off but within 3 days I had posted my gold, got a decent offer and received the cheque. I have recommended you to all my family, friends and workmates”

M J Milburn, Peacehaven

“Phoned on a monday received my pack on a thursday, packed it sent it back the next day. Received a phonecall on a monday afternoon received my cheque the following day. All this and a postal strike to boot!!”

Mrs C Lander, Surrey

“I saw the advertisement on tv so thought I would give it a go. The jewellery I had was broken or never worn so I sent it in, the next day I got a phonecall it was brilliant I got £101 and never thought I would get that. “

Mrs J Lumb, Dowsbury

“I was pleasantly surprised with the service from Gold2Pounds. I received more than I thought I would and received and the cheque was with me within one week. I would use your service again”

Mrs Susan Vaughan, Liverpool

“Very satisfied with the excellent quick service, definitely recommend Gold2Pounds to my friends. Now I can enjoy my nice little cheque on a dinner for two thanks again.”

Gary Gullen, Scotland

“Excellent service, and good customer care. The telephone advisors are tip top. Really good turn around to earn some extra cash for any unwanted jewellery. Thank you so much”

Mrs Pauline Johnn, Dorset

“I was broke as a joke saw a tv ad. I sent off an old silver chain and within two working days I had a cheque which my bank loved. Thank you Gold2Pounds”

Mr I Turner, Ipswich

“What better way of dealing with bits and pieces and painful memories associated with jewellery you don’t wear anymore then to get a substantial cheque? A very speedy friendly service that does exactly as its advert says.”

Sue Smith, Devon

“Good service, fast and friendly. Gold idle in draw the price offered was fair. Thanks”

C E Chappell, Llanelli

“Everyone loves receiving cheques. I was really amazed at the amount I received from sending Gold2Pounds all my old broken gold jewellery. A completely trouble free service. Thank you.”

Jane Culling, Weybridge

“Brilliant to find a service that is fast, easy and free to use.”

Mike H Foley, Cleveland

“Misleading- when I asked the amount over the phone the reply was for 59.65 misunderstood – 459.65. Then asked for it to be repeated in numbers reply – 459.65 very misleading”

Susan Chittim, Cheshire

“Thanks for your quick response. I was so pleased to get so much for my unwanted gold, I was also shocked at the quote you had given me, it was treble the price I would have expected. I spoke to your customer service on the phone and they were really helpful. I got my pack the next working day and a cheque 2 days later even with the postal strike. My son is now sending his items in, hope to receive great customer service again. Spent most of it on xmas presents for my 3 grandchildren which I could not have done without this cheque. Thank you.”

Susie Watts,

“Very good service, got my cheque after posting goods in 4 days. Very quick service”

Donna Steadman, Essex

“I want to thank you for your prompt and great, secure and easy to use service. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends and family. I was greatly surprised and very pleased with the generous amount you gave me for my jewellery. Keep up the good work thanks again.”

Mark Dover, Dungannon

“Very fast service and cheque came very quickly would recommend”

Adrian Hillman, Somerset

“I found Gold2Pounds gave a very good quick service and was delighted with the price”

Miss A E Nightingale, Surrey

“Sent my items on a monday. Received phone call tuesday with acceptable offer received my cheque couple of days later. Very happy with service provided. Thanks”

Neil Nuttall, Preston

“Simlicity, integrity, outstanding customer care – what more could you ask for.”

Karen Hockley-hills, Penzance

“Very pleased with service – fast and efficient. Clear process to follow made it easy.”

L Brewer, Croydon

“Very polite staff, efficient fast service, quick payout, no hassle, no worries, excellent from start to finish. Would gladly recommend you to all family and friends. Thank you. “

Mrs Agnes Massie, Wigan

“Very disappointed in pay out, thought goods were worth more.”

P Bradshaw,

“Very friendly and efficient. I received my pack within 2 days after looking at the website. I then filled out the form and returned my items for free – I was even able to track my package online and it was guaranteed. I got a call nextday with a very nice offer, I received my cheque the next day.”

Victoria Elliott-smith, Surrey

“Straightforward, quick and easy, no red tape.”

Christopher Johnstone, Cleveland

“I am appalled, I was not satisfied with the offer you gave me which I declined. There was a £200 necklace included in the pack as well as several rings that cost in excess of over £100 each. Admittedly there was some tat there. &Pound;164 offer is pitiful. There was even a gold krugerand enclosed. As of today I have yet to receive my jerwelley back.”

D Mccullough, Plymouth

“Parcel took over a week to get to london, advise customers they will have to pay and be refunded. Helpful and polite people on the telephone. A good service but took 2 weeks from start to finish. “

Mrs P M Mclernon, Channel Islands

“Gold2Pounds was very quick and received my quote and money really quickly. I was very happy with with my quotation for my old gold. And I would recommend to friends and family.”

Rachel Lloyd, Mirfield

“This could not hve been easier, I am very impressed! You keep things for years in draws and they never get used and this enables you to turn those items into cash, which at times like these we all need. Would recommend to any one and I have. 3 of my colleagues have already benefited from this too.”

Roberta Taylor, Roberta Taylor

“It was great to get some cash from Gold2Pounds. Thank you.”

Tanya, Romford

“I have recommended this to all of my friends and family. Very fast service. Very happy with the offer, cheque was fast. Thank you.”

Ben Cassell, London

“Its just the fun in taking part and hoping you will be delighted. I never did have any real treasure so I was very pleased of the outcome of my gold. Thanks for your courtesy, and saying my first name when you called, that was nice.”

Nora Pollard, Bradford

“I thought it was a very easy and reliable process, and a good price to for all my old gold. Trhank you”

William Brown , Kent

“Fucking shit!! What a con”


“Excellent, they came through with all they said they would. Start to finish took 3 days. Very impressed with there working practice”

Mrs Carole Mcnichol, Surrey

“Very very pleasant young man who telephoned me 3 times while I was at work, he caught me on my day off and gave me 100% customer service. Would recommend to friends and family. Fast friendly and very reliable. Good price given for my unwanted jewellery. Thank you.”

Mrs Julie Wilkinson, Chesterfield

“Very easy fast and convenient for me. Was pleased to see the price I got for my old gold as it was not that expensive so I was happy with the results I got.”

Tasha Hilton, Kent

“I was very satisfied with my experience with your company, you where very prompt and true to your word. It was exactly what you said on your advert, fast and no messing around. Thank you. “

J Reeder, Gosport

“Amazing! So simple and quick. I have recommmended Gold2Pounds to everyone”

Mrs Jackie Bannister, Cheltenham

“I will not be recommending you to anyone as the amount I received by cheque was not the amount I was quoted over the phone (i asked him to repeat it twice) I feel ripped off.”

Antonia Thorley, Nottingham

“Found your service courteous, prompt, and a fair offer made. Payment received promptly. I have mentioned your service to family and friends.”


“I was thrilled to bits, didn’t think I would get as much as I did. The service was fast and very efficient. Thank you very much Gold2Pounds I will definitely be recommending you to all my family and friends. “

Donna Whitby, Swansea

“Very happy with my experience, fast easy way to make money”

Kelly Young, Newbury

“Shocked at how much I received can not believe how much I got for my broken and old jewellery that had been sat in a box for 30years and never worn. Excellent fast response. I feel a new outfit coming up and a treat of pampering. Thank you.”

Mrs Sandra Palmer, Devon

“Quick and easy and a good price for my items”

Paula Mcalpine, Caitiiness

“Saw a lot of adverts to do with changing your unwanted gold into cash, but gold to pounds also said they would take silver which was great for me. Even with a postal strike I got a good service and an amazing amount of money. I will use them again.”

Stella New, Avon

“Excellent and professional service. I spoke with three different members of your staff all were very polite and helpful the cheque arrived the very next dayafter my acceptance of your valuation. I would certainly recommend you to my friends and also use your service again myself. “

Miss P C Taylor, East Sussex

“Very quick and efficient with the whole process – would use again thank you”

Miss T Hart, Surrey

“Efficient, excellent speed. Thank you”

Mrs Bomley, Aylesbury

“Excellent service! Less than 24hrs after my jewellery was received by you an offer was made by email. I accepted the offer and 2 days later received a cheque. 100% happy to recommend to friends and family.”

Mrs Judith Unsworth, Lancashire

“It was easy and quick and efficiant”

Mrs N Reardon, South Wales

“I had quite a few items of broken and unwanted silver jewellery which I thought was worthless. I sent it off and was really pleased with the offer. The money came the very next day. Excellent and prompt service. Thank you.”

Amanda Galley, Ripon

“Extremely easy to follow, kept word on timing, helps tidy jewellery box for descendants. Daughter (who is in the police) was very sceptacle but proved wrong.”

Brenda Hinchcliff, Sheffield

“Very grateful and surprised at what I received. To think I may have thrown out all my odd earrings and broken chains till I saw your advert. A genuine company.”

Charlotte Mayor, Shropshire

“Very quick and conveniant, easy to work with. Wish I had more jewellery to sell just to work with you again!! “

Jamie Mark Payne, Birmingham

“An excellent experience with Gold2Pounds. Very simple and straight forward. Very professional would use this service again for definate, and letting friends and family know about it already. Thank you for your service.”

Janet Jones, Merthyr Tydfil

“I was so surprised at the price I got offered for my old pieces of jewellery. Excellent speedie service. I would definitley use Gold2Pounds again and recommend them to my friends.”

Jean Brown, Cwmffrwd

“Very pleased with how I was treated and received my money within a few days I would recommend you to my friends.”

Lewis Watkins, Mid Glam

“I would absolutely recommend Gold2Pounds! I was shocked that they offered me over £60 for some old chains that I no longer use. I would definitley use Gold2Pounds again! Thank you very much.”

Lorraine Lloyd, Surbiton

“A truly fresh breath of air, guick, reliable and does exactly what it says on the tin. I will definitely be telling my friends and family of my experience. Many thanks”

Micheal Dominik, Huddersfield

“I was completely satisfied with the service provided. I had contacted another company previously but they took too long in sending the pack out. Your company was excellent and the timescale was minimal – thank you for being so prompt.”

Mrs Alisona Watts, Cornwall

“Very efficient and quick service. Would definitley recommend to friends.”

Mrs Allison Phillips, Gloucestershire

“Helpful, fair, polite manner on the phone and quick and easy.”

Mrs Gaynor Hutchings, Cardiff

“I thought that Gold2Pounds were very quick, efficient and very professional. I was very pleased with the price I was offered for my gold and they sent a cheque to me upon my acceptance of their offer, as promised. I would recommend this company to anyone.”

Mrs K M E Gilbert, Newcastle Upon Tyne

“An excellent experience. I was amazed at how much my unwanted jewellery was worth and I really appreciated you ringing me after not receiving my text message. I have recommended you to all my family and friends and would like to thank you for your excellent service.”

Mrs M Kapka, Grimsby

“Saw an ad on tv, took number, phoned up, nice service, pak came. Text contact. Painless pleasing experience.”

Ms Whyte, Barry

“You should be able to breakdown an offer when several items have been sent in. I refused the first offer then my second offer was more, even though I had one item returned to me. Very confusing.”

Nigel Dean, Dorset

“From the moment I applied for the envelope everything was done very quickly, togther with a phone call from a lovely sounding lady. I would recommend this to everyone I know. Many thanks.”

Susan Jane Hodge, Somerset

“Excellent fast service would recommend.”

Amanda Johnson, Attleborough

“I didn’t have any problems with the service. It was very fast and effective. I will recommend Gold2Pounds to everyone I know. Thanks”

Carla Bryant, Chesterfield

“I must admit I was a little sceptical, it sounded too easy, there must be a catch! But no you were as you say fast, courteous and convenient. The best part was not feeling I had been stitched up. All very private as well. Truly first class, you deserve lots of great publicity. Thank you.”

Christine Sangan, Jersey

“Very professional, quick and easy to deal with “

Gillian Davis, Birmingham

“I saw an advert on tv and rang. I spoke to a really helpful girl who told me what to do and gave me a reference number. It was so easy and the service was great. I have recommended you already.”

S Duffell, Surrey

“Very poor service from the call centre staff, sarcastic and unfriendly. After complaining, I had a call monday 24th aug to apologise and got told the cheque would be sent 1st class the next day. It took 6 days, as cheque was hand written it should have taken all of 30secs to write. Not good enough”

Jolene Dodd, Bolton

“I was surprised at how easy it was. It was nice that someone called to see how I was managing. I was delighted with the cheque, which came really fast. The money is going towards a holiday.”

Mrs. Shelia Butza, Kirriemuir

“Painless, fast quick service and so easy. I will recommend to friends and family.”

Mrs S Jones, Plymouth

“I was very pleased with how quick you replied to me to let me know how much everything was worth and sending the cheque as soon as I accepted the offer. I will recommend you to friends and family.”

Venetta Tyrell, Northampton

“Super fast polite service, no fuss mega simple. If I had known it was so easy I would have used long before I did. Will use this service again. Top marks 10/10”

Frank Molloy, Bristol

“A prompt professional and easy to use service. Would definitley use it again. The only negative thing is the opening hours of 9am till midday? “

Neil Griffin, Bishops Stortford

“I found the whole experience incredibly easy and hassle free. The representative who phoned me with my offer was very polite and friendly and my cheque arrived promptly. Would definitely recommend your service to others. Many thanks.”

Rachel Fitzgerald, Edgware

“Very positive experience. From intial enquiry to payment it took just 4 days very pleased.”

Emma Pidd, Hull

“Very good, will use again.”

L Taylor, Northampton

“A quick and efficient service”

Mrs A Grayson, Stockton On Tees

“A really quick and professional service. Gold2Pounds were quick to evaluate my jewellery and get the cheque to me. I was very happy with their evaluation. There was no risk to me as everything was insured courtesy of Gold2Pounds and I was informed every step of the way. Many thanks I will recommend this service”

Mrs D Collett, Stoke On Trent


Mrs S Hayes, “very Quick, Very Efficient A Good Service All Round”

“You provided a hassle free service that delivered promptly as promised in your advertisement “

Mrs T Bowen, Lloneli

“What a fantastic service in todays cash strapped britain. Excellent from start to finish, I have sent more gold and highly recommend you to family and friends with encouraging words. Thank you. “

Susan Jackson, Staffordshire

“After I asked you to send the bag, it took me a few days to send my jewellery. I went back and forth in my mind as to whether I would hear from you again after you received my gold. To my delight it was worth double what I had expected. I received the cheque today and have already recommended you to a friend. I am amazed.”

Tracy Azzolina, Sunderland

“Exceptional service, was a little bit sceptical but not anymore, did not expect to receive as much as I did for my old unused and mainly broken jewelley. Thank you so much.”

Elaine Dobson, Cheshire

“Fantastic from start to finish. Quick easy and fast. Posted jewellery on the monday received cheque on thursday. Will use again in the future.”

Fran Lowbridge, Walsall

“I was delighted to receive the cheque for my broken jewellery. The items I sent would have ended up in the bin if I hadnt got in touch. I found them very easy to deal with and would certainly recommend to friends and family.”

Jane Walker, Inverness

“I thought at first it would be a rip off then decided to give it a try and was delighted at the value of my unwanted gold.”

Margaret Cane, Scotland

“Good price, very fast service. Great.”

Mrs D Gifford, London

“I was satisfied with the amount I received but found I had to wait much longer than advertised on tv”

Mrs J Carney, Cornwall

“Excellent, fast service and efficient. Got more than I expected.”

Paula Breeze, Devon

“Very happy with this service. Old jewelley that was never going to be worn again, I now have some money for. Gold2Pounds do exactly as they promise, fast and efficient service.”

Victoria Ray, Overbury

“Excellent service, excellent customer communication, speedy response, cheque withinn a few days what more can I say. Thanks once again!”

Christine Poore, Gwent

“Really positive experience. I highly recommend Gold2Pounds and would definitley use them again. This was a very quick and hassle free transaction. They did exactly what the said, great way of selling old jewellery. “

Claire Durdle, Kent

“Quick, curtious, prompt payment”

J Bird, Sailsbury

“I chose Gold2Pounds because the website indicated you were willing to buy silver which I mainly had. The speed, service and communication was first class and I was surprised but delighted with the valuation and cheque. I will happily and confidently recommend you.”

Phyllis Barbour, Glasgow

“Very fast and efficient. Easy to deal with. Posted package in northern scotland on thursday afternoon and received offer friday morning, received cheque saturday morning.”

Valerie Parker, Saltburn

“I was very pleased with the amount I got for my chain even though my local pawnbroker offered me substantially less than Gold2Pounds”

Andrew James, Liverpool

“I received my jewellery pack promptly after sending off for it. I sent of my gold the next day and received an offer which was very acceptable after accepting I received my cheque the next day. Avery pleasant and welcome experience “

Anne Hoey, Oldham

“Easy to do and great way to clear out and make a few pounds while your at it. Genius!”

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“Very quick and efficient service. Extremely pleased with valuation – would definitely recommend company to other people.”

Jane Walker, Llandrindod

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Justine Clark, Northallevton

“Very quick and easy! I didn’t realise it was worth so much”

Kelly Webster, Essex

“Great service – really speedy responses and I received my cheque within a few days. Very pleased with how easy and quickly the whole transaction was.”

Mrs J Foster, Dunstable

“I contacted Gold2Pounds on the computer and received the pack the next day. The instructions were clear and the procedure was easy to follow. I was contacted by telephone, accepted the quote and received the cheque the following day.”

Mrs J Robinson, Co. Durham

“The service I received was very professional, very prompt and courteous which is very rare today.”

Nigel Blake, Porth

“I was not contacted as quickly as promised however I am very pleased with g2p and was very surprised at the amount they offered me considering how little I sent in. I have recommended g2p to all my friends and family and will use you again 100% satisfied”

Paul Walker, Hull

“A very fast and efficient service from Gold2Pounds. Free and safe postal service via royal mail, telephone call same day as received and cheque arrived within 48 hours.”

Pauline Chadaway, Bronsgrove

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Sharon Williams, Cardiff

“Thank you for making this experience so easy and straightforward. I was a bit apprehensive about sending my treasured jewellery through the post. But I had no reason to worry. Very professional company. I was very happy with the results. Thank you.”

Susan Twissell, Co. Durham

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Catherine Lyons, London

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Kirsty Hagley, Selby

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Nigel Orfu, Halifax

“Fantastic. Old gold sitting around doing nothing and its worth money. Gold2Pounds are true to there word. I emailed for a gold pack, they sent the gold pack – we followed the instructions, next day we got a text we expected with the offer of £195.66.”

Stephen Romans, Milton Keynes

“Very pleased, found estimates honest. There Gold2Pounds advert is as stated guranteed satisfaction within 24hrs or items returned you cant get better then that. “

William Smith, Aberdeen

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Christina Myles, Burnley

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Vanessa Lavictoire, London

“Very straightforward and hassle free.”

Damien English, Newport

“I was very happy with service, I didn’t realise my old jewellery would be worth that much! And it was so fast I had the offer on the monday I accepted it and received payment on the tuesday. I was delighted.”

Hannah New, Swindon

“Excellent, very happy with the service. As I had not responded quickly with returning my gold, the follow up telephone call was very polite and not pushy! Very happy with the cheque.”

Jane Inch, Devon

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Maxine Carter, Cornwall

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Alyssa Scott, Wirral

“Very efficient indeed. Great communications. An excellent business process to be congratulated and recommended.”

Claire Holoway, Co. Durham

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David Brown, Horncastle

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Melanie Steele, Wisbech

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Michelle Bishop, Hamilton

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Miss R Morgan-owen, Southampton

“Very quick and easy. Everything is paid for and cheque came in a few days.”

Mrs Hindle, Farnborough

“I was very pleased with the service. It was quick and no fuss. It was nice to get rid of a lot of jewellery, that I have not used for a long time.”

Mrs J Bloomfield, Suffolk

“Very easy, asked for envelope and it arrived the next day as promised. I only needed to follow easy instructions, and wait. I chose to be telephoned with the valuation and as promised, they rang. A very nice lady and I accepted the amount. The cheque arrived and to finish it all off it was hand written, very personal touch.”

Mrs S Hammond, Oxford

“Received two texts to value my items, one was ten times more than they were actually worth and turned out to be incorrect. Got a fair price though, however my cheque took at least a week to arrive. “

Ruby Key, Oldham

“Excellent service, fast response. Pleased with are evaluation as we were expecting less!”

Zee Allen, Leicester

“I found the whole experience very easy. From receiving the pre-paid pack to valuation so quick, then to receiving the cheque only took a total of 4 days. This company do put the money where their mouth is, their adverts are so accurate everything thy say they do. I am so pleased. Also staff very helpful. Excellent. Thank you!”

Gail Hampson, Stoke On Trent

“I would use Gold2Pounds again and would recommend wesbite to a friend.”

Joanne Wells, Oakridge

“Contacted Gold2Pounds received pre-paid envelope next day. Sent off items received price through e-mail within 2-3 days and had phone call regarding some expensive items — agreed price — received cheque next day. Excellent service. Will use again. Have recommended them. “

Mrs. C.a. Francis, Ashford

“I was surprised how quick and easy it was to sell my unwanted broken jewellery I was so happy with my offer, a lot more than I thought. I will use again and tell family and friends about it. All in all fantastic service. Thanks very much. “

Nicola Windsor, Telford

“Very pleasant and helpful personnel. Details received next day as promised. Very efficient service. Will certainly recommend your company. “

V.a. Thwaite, Leeds

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Mrs. Evaline Heron, Kurtcudbrightshite


E.c. Gilbert, Lancashire

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Michelle Teggin, Dorset

“Expedient, professional, & recommended.”

Barry Brewood, West Yorkshire


Brian Keenan, Middlesbrough

“Brilliant – really quick and polite – I was not expecting the cheque to arrive so soon. Thanks. “

J. Christopher, Basingstoke

“I found you to be very prompt and the overall service was excellent. Thanks!”

Sara Southerland, Norfolk

“I found Gold2Pounds to be very professional. They were very swift and their approach was extremely profressional. Everything they said that would happen did. Would highly recommend. “

Trish Wheeler, Verwood

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Cisa Bowden, Chester

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Sharon Devlin, Scotland

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Vikki Jenkins, Cardiff

“I was able to put more money into my daughters birthday present which made her more happy. Thank you for your service.”

Kate Harrison, Liverpool

“Excellent service, good price paid for my old jewelry. Just a few days from sending goods off to receiving cheque. Highly recommended! Told lob of friends and my sister-in-law has now used the service too and was also delighted”

R. Beaumont, Sandy

“It was really easy to do and the cheque came within a coule of days. What a great idea.”

Z. Dodds, Blandford Forum

“Very quick to reply. Really happy with the amount paid. Would highly recommend to friends. Would use this service again. “

A.t. Willison, Thatcham

“Very speedy response, well satisfied “

T.e. Moon, Coleroton

“An excellent service. Very accurate and prompt. Very straight forward and easy to follow instructions. Have recommended to many people. Thank you.”

Carol Renshaw, Warrington

“Very quick and efficient but have twice tried to order a new pack and not received.”

J Saunders, Port William

“An excellent fast service. Cheque arrived within 3 days of sending the items. Thank you”

Stewart Beel, Southport

“I was very impressed with how quick the service was, and also how much money I got for unwanted and broken jewellery”

Kelly Johnston, Ipswich


Tim Ashton, Devon

“The service was very quick within a week from posting my items in the prepaid envelope, i’ve received my cheque. Its not often these days you receive such a speedy good service”

Anna Tudor, Uxbridge

“Very professional- prompt and satisfactory”

Diana Storrie, Hayhill

“I am very pleased with your service. I found your site on the net and rang and spoke to your free phone number where I spoke to a very helpful lady who took my details and immediately sent out post free and insured packaging. I then submitted my items and received a call from will the following day with a very good valuation. He was extremely courteous and helpful and forwarded me a cheque for the stated amount. I would have no hesitation in recommending your comapny”

John Braithwaite, London

“Very quick, trustworthy service. Fast valuation, well worth using Gold2Pounds.”

Kate Broadhead, Walsall

“My daughter is going on a school trip and has to raise a lot of money so I thought I could help her by selling all my jewellery that was broken or I did not use any more. I was very happy with the valuation”

Leanne Jarvis, Abertillery

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