How To Sell Gold

  1. Request your FREE G2P Pack™ by completing the form at the right of this screen. You may also request a G2P Pack by calling 020 3848 7616. A Gold2Pounds customer care representative will take your information and send you a G2P Pack.
  2. We will rush you a G2P Pack that contains everything you need to get cash for your unwanted jewellery. The G2P Pack includes an insured, PREPAID return envelope, a secure pack for your jewellery items, instructions and a form for you to fill out and return.
  3. Collect all your old, unwanted, broken or damaged gold jewellery and place it in the prepaid Special Delivery Envelope provided in the G2P Pack.
  4. Complete the simple form enclosed with the G2P Pack. Indicate your preferred method of contact and payment and include the completed form in the return envelope with your jewellery.
  5. Return the prepaid addressed envelope to Gold2Pounds via Royal Mail. Your pack is insured up to £700 free of charge*.
  6. A Gold2Pounds customer care representative will contact you the moment your G2P Pack has been valued at our London refinery. We will contact you as you have specified (by telephone, email or text) to quote the value of your items. Upon your acceptance of the amount quoted we will send a cheque or Money Transfer on the same business day.
*If you believe your gold is worth more than £700 please pay extra insurance at the post office.

Let's get down to business!

Gold2Pounds will offer you a fantastic competitive payment. Or We’ll send your jewellery back straightaway at our expense.