Frequently Asked Questions

As a division of Star Refining (London) Ltd, Gold2Pounds utilize decades of experience and expertise to provide a highly efficient, safe and trustworthy service, with excellent prices being paid each day.

You simply need to request one of our pre-paid packs (insured and paid for by us) which you will receive the next working day. You then need to return your items and associated form to your local Royal Mail Post Office, and you will be given a tracking receipt. We will receive the package the next working day and get in touch with your offer.

Our highly skilled team utilizes their many years of experience to accurately calculate the weight and purity of your metal and arrive at a valuation based on the daily metal scrap prices.

In the rare event the valuation falls short of your estimation, we will return the entirety of your pack to you for free within five working days.

Yes, we base the valuation solely on the metal content, and therefore any broken or damaged items are valued the same as non-broken pieces.

The current economic climate has meant that prices are strong. We are finding that many of our customers are capitalising on the positive prices to counter the effect of rising daily costs.

We purchase any material containing Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium. However, we do not purchase ‘Costume Jewellery’ or plated items. For more information, please see our What we buy page.

It will take one working day (between Monday and Friday) from sending for your package to arrive at our offices. We will make the offer the same day we receive your pack.

We can make payment in multiple ways, including same-day bank transfers, cheques and cash.