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What We Buy

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We accept anything that contains these precious metals:

Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium

For example:

sell old gold jewellery
  • Rings, gold chains
  • Necklaces, earrings, charms & bracelets
  • Cufflinks, pins, brooches & watches
  • Coins & collectibles
  • Silver flatware, cups, trophies
  • Gold dental crowns & bridgework

What We Don't Buy

We do not accept costume (fake) jewellery that does not contain precious metals or any gold or silver plated items.

Gold Plated items that may be hallmarked "1/20" or other fractions of a certain karat weight, or with G.F. or G.P. all indicating gold plating. Rolled gold or any gold plated items have extremely small amounts of gold and therefore are not purchased.

Silver Plated items that may be hallmarked E.P.N.S. or with other similar E.P. marks indicating that it is electroplated silver over other non-precious metals. The amount of silver present is extremely small on these items.

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cash for gold jewellery cash for gold jewellery

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"The process was simple and straightforward. Efficient packaging arrived promptly ..."
E. Barnaby, Peacehaven
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"Gold2Pounds is the best. I was so worried about being ripped off but within 3 days I had posted my gold, got a decent offer and received the cheque ..."
M J Milburn, Cheltenham
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"I am delighted, you contacted me the following day from sending items with the price which for old discoloured and broken jewelley ..."
M. Simons, Watford
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"Very quick, trustworthy service. Fast valuation, well worth using Gold2Pounds!"
Kate Broadhead, Walsall
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"An excellent fast service. Cheque arrived within 3 days of sending the items. Thank you."
Stewart Beel, Southport
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"Brilliant - really quick and polite - I was not expecting the cheque to arrive so soon. Thanks."
J. Christopher, Basingstoke
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"Service excellent, swift and curtious. Thank you."
P. Hopkins, Cardiff
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