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It's quick and easy to sell your precious metal scrap like gold, platinum, silver and palladium. Simply request a G2P Pack from Gold2Pounds. Place your precious metal scrap in the insured freepost envelope and send it to us for valuation. We pay cash for precious metals. We pay top prices for precious metals and you can get quick cash the same day we receive your precious metal scrap.

When it comes to precious metals the London market is by far the largest global centre for buyers and sellers of precious metal. Gold2Pounds operates an environmentally friendly precious metal refining service in Hatton Garden, London's jewellery quarter.

Operating at the centre of the world's busiest precious metals market gives us access to highly skilled refining and precious metal recovery tradesmen. We recover all the precious metal from your old jewelry, coins or any precious metal scrap. This allows us to offer you the best prices for precious metal scrap.

For immediate service call us today on our free phone number 0800 321 3003 or complete the G2P Pack request form at the right on this web page. Gold2Pounds send you everything you need to get the most cash for old or unwanted precious metal jewellery.

Precious Metal Refining

Gold2Pounds has a reputation for excellence in the precious metal refining community and operate as one of the UK's largest precious metals refining facilities.

Our precious metal refining and melting operations are performed in house. We refine precious metals every day, enabling us to offer the best price and lock in high market value for gold and other precious metals. Whether the precious metal is gold, platinum, silver or palladium we have the technology and experience to minimise waste and conserver energy. Our lower refining costs allow us to buy precious metal scrap at the best price.

With the current economic climate many people want to take advantage of high prices for precious metals. Gold2Pounds offers you a safe and secure way to sell your precious metal scrap. We will send out a G2P Pack the same day we receive your request. The G2P pack includes shipping instructions and an insured freepost Special Delivery enveloped that you can use to send us your precious metal scrap. Your Pack of precious metal scrap will arrive at our Hatton Garden refinery the next business day by Special Delivery, and we will get you a free same day valuation. If you accept our cash offer for your precious metal scrap we will immediately send you cash by cheque or bank transfer.

Precious Metal Recycling

Gold 2 Pounds offers eco-efficient recycling and refining services for any kind of scrap that contains precious metal. Precious metal is found in old jewelry, coins, watches, rings, chains, bracelets, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and dental crowns as well as silver flatware, cups, plates and trophies. We refine precious metal scrap to recover silver, gold, platinum and palladium. We sell precious metal on the London market where it is recycled into new jewelry, coins and dental crowns.

Mining for precious metals is often dangerous work. Miners are often required to work in dangerous areas with the possibility of an explosions, cave ins, electric shock or contact with harmful gases. A large percentage of the gold produced each year is mined by massive industrial operations with good safety records, but with gold prices at an all-time high there are millions of desperately poor people in third world countries who are attracted to gold mining because they have no other job and a single nugget of gold can feed their family for several months. Each year several thousand of these so-called artisanal gold miners are killed or injured while mining gold using primitive unsafe methods. Many of the artisanal gold miners are looking for gold illegally on property they do not own or have permission to mine, and a significant number of third world gold miners are shot for trespassing!

When you sell your gold and precious metal scrap to Gold2Pounds you reduce the market demand for newly mined gold. Recycling precious metal reduces the number of artisanal gold miners, saving human lives and reducing suffering. Gold2Pounds takes great pride in providing precious metal recycling services that help make precious metals available without the human cost.

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"I was very pleased, found estimates honest. The Gold2Pounds advert is as stated, payment within 24hrs or items returned - satisfaction guaranteed - you can't get better than that."
William Smith, Aberdeen
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Rachel Fitzgerald, Edgware
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Venetta Tyrell, Northhampton
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Nicola Higgins, Oxon
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